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Release notes

*2024-05-26 - Linux version as a docker image
*2024-04-13 Linqdb 3.1 - partitioned tables
*2023-12-24 Linqdb 3.0 - distributed database
*2021-02-16 .SearchS property, bug fix in .SearchPartial, v2.8
*2020-12-23 Linux server discontinued as too unstable. In-memory queues. No bug fixes!
*2020-11-01 Bug fixes, search by time limit feature, v. 2.6.1
*2020-07-18 Project goes open-source under MIT license.
*2020-06-14 Bug fixes, switch back to Rocksdb, non-atomic selects, v. 2.5.5
*2020-03-08 Bug fixes, non-atomic modification methods, v. 2.5.2
*2019-12-23 Sockets bugs fixed, benchmark, Linux version, v. 2.5.1
*2019-11-16 Sockets bug fix, string operations are case-insensitive, search by start of word (.SearchPartial), searchable string property names must end with ..Search now, v.2.5
*2019-04-13 Bug fixes, v 2.4. Generic types added: db.Table<T>(). ...
*2018-12-27 Switch back to Leveldb v 2.3. Performance over reliability.
*2018-12-23 Bug fixes, v 2.2
*2018-08-04 Switch to Rocksdb (more reliable), in-memory indexes, group-by statement, v2.1.9. Not backward compatible with previous version's data format
*2017-07-30 Bug fixes, v 1.7
*2017-07-05 Bug fix, v 1.6
*2017-04-21 Multiple bug fixes, v 1.01. Not backward compatible with previous version's data format
*2017-04-10 Initial release, v 1.0
*2016-04-01 Work begins

Road map