Linqdb is efficient and convenient database for .Net
It stands above nosql and below relational databases giving great performance and control while being easy to use.

Available as embedded db and standalone server for Windows and as standalone server for Linux.

Windows 32-bit embedded, v1.7 Windows 32-bit server, v1.7 Windows 32-bit client, v1.7
Windows 64-bit embedded, v1.7 Windows 64-bit server, v1.7 Windows 64-bit client, v1.7
Linux .netcore server, v1.7

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Also available on Nuget

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Linqdb comes as one-process embedded database as well as standalone server with client. The api for both versions is identical.

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Linqdb is based on Leveldb which results in great performance characteristics. Linqdb itself is optimized not to stand in the way.

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Free for non-commercial use. Reasonable pricing for commercial use.
Timely support.

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